As cold weather begins to sweep through the country you need to be aware of how it might affect your workplace. The winter months can present many additional hazards, whether they’re ice, wind, snow or just the cold. Understanding what measures you or your employees need to take to avoid these hazards becoming genuine workplace dangers is essential in the safe running of a business.

Ice is the most obvious danger. If you work outside then you should be careful to make note of any ice that has formed overnight when you start the day. If possible, grit and put up a sign so that others are aware of it and you remember where it is. If your work involves carrying anything heavy or sharp then ice becomes even worse. It can also present an obstacle for vehicles, which may become stuck on it or skid out of control.

It’s not just those who work outside that have to worry about ice though. Anybody who has to walk along a path or go up and down outside steps to their workplace should exercise caution. Ideally, paths and steps should be gritted if there is a risk of ice forming. If this stops even one slip it’s worth it.

Wind can happen at any time of the year, of course, but there’s no denying you get some of the strongest sudden gusts or ongoing gales during winter. Make sure things that could blow away are secured, and avoid putting anything in a position where it could be blown over by the wind. Balancing a heavy crate on the edge of a railing above somebody else’s work station isn’t advisable, for instance.

Snow is an issue because of its ability to conceal ice, hide other dangers or become a slippery slush itself. If your work area or any paths you use are covered in snow, make sure they get cleared before you begin.

Finally, the cold. If you’re outside for long periods of time then you need to make sure you wrap up warm. Pneumonia, hypothermia or even frostbite are possibilities for those who don’t.

Our trained professionals can ensure that your parking areas and walkways are clear snow and ice  and that you will have a safe and slip free winter.  So give them a call today and see what they can do for you.

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