7 Things to Know Before Hiring A Chicago Snow Plowing Contractor

Snow Plowing Contractor Chicago1. Get several estimates

  •  Prices are based on layout and size of area to be plowed.
  • Any additional services such as snow shoveling, sanding and ice removal will cost extra.
  • Do they bill per hour or a flat rate per job
  • Be cautious of low bids, low bids may equal poor service


2. Understand the services you are getting

  •  What is included in the Chicago Snow Removal estimate?
  • What other services do they provide?
  • How much for additional service?
  • Do they charge based on snow levels, an hourly rate or flat rate?
  • When and how often will they come?


3. Ask about additional charges and price options

  •  What about additional charges from heavy snowfalls, multiple snowfalls in a day will your Chicago Snow Removal Contractor charge?
  • Any discounts or special pricing?


4. Ask for references

  •  Ask for references and check them out
  • Check out the business with BBB
  • Check Angie’s list for current and past customers


5. Get an in-person estimate and written agreement

  •  Meet with them at your location that will be serviced
  • Get a written agreement of all and any charges
  • No verbal agreements or promises
  • Refuse agreements made over the phone
  • Who to contact in case of damages – get a contact name and number
  • Who to contact for general questions or rescheduling
  • How can you terminate the agreement if necessary?
  • Call all numbers before they leave to verify working phone numbers


6. Proof of insurance and bonded

  •  Verify the Chicago Snow Removal business is licensed.
  • Ask if the contractor is insured or bonded.


7. Avoid being SCAMMED

  •  Never pay with cash, check or credit card only
  • Never be pressured to sign agreements
  • Only sign agreement when you fully understand what you are paying for.


Now you have a checklist to use. Compare this to your current service or use this when checking out a new service. You should feel comfortable with anyone who will be doing work for you and have at least two ways to contact you Chicago Snow Removal Contractor for questions or billing concerns. If you are not happy with the service, call them and let them know. Also call them if you love their service maybe you will get a little bonus next time they come. At the very least you ensure that they will do a great job each time they come out.

If you are looking for 7 Things to Know Before Hiring A Chicago Snow Plowing Contractor for your business, please call 773-763-7600 or complete our request estimate form.

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