Safe Driving Near Chicago Snow Plows

Chicago, IL Snow Plows

Winter weather conditions can quickly make driving dangerous. However, most people must still go to work, school, and run other errands despite the snow and ice, so municipalities have to send out Chicago snow plows to clear the roadways. When Chicago snow plows are out on the roads, it is important to drive slowly and carefully so that you can avoid accidents with the Chicago snow plow itself as well as other vehicles.

Be On The Watch Out For Chicago Snow Plows On The Road

First, these large machines typically travel about 35 miles per hour or less as they scrape the streets. It can be tempting to pass the slow-moving, bulky machines, but this is dangerous. Remember, the road ahead of the Chicago snow plow is not yet clear of its snow and ice. Also, snow plow drivers have a limited range of vision due to the shape of their vehicles, and their blades can stir up swirling snow clouds that make it even more difficult to see. They may be unable to see you as you pass.

Additionally, some snow blades can extend eight feet beyond the edge of the car, and you may not be able to see these blades to pass around them safely. Lastly, if you cannot avoid passing, remember that Chicago snow plows push the snow to the right side of the road, so you typically want to pass to the left. Also, when you cut back in front of the Chicago snow plow, remember that the blade sticks out several feet beyond the front of the truck.

Give Chicago Snow Plows Plenty Of Room On The Road

Lastly, if you are passing a Chicago snow plow that is coming from the other direction, try to move over as far as you can. This is because wide blades can edge into your lane, making you more likely to clip your car on the plow.

With winter on its way, it is important to understand how to drive safely in inclement weather. However, not everyone may take the time or have the patience to drive slowly and carefully in hazardous road conditions. This can put you and your loved ones at risk of terrible accidents.

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